Immediate effects
  • Speeding up of bodily functions. Amphetamines speed up the body’s activity. Heart rate, breathingand blood pressure increase. Other physical effects can include: dry mouth, increased sweating, enlargementof the eye’s pupils and heaaches.
  • More energy and alertness. Users may feel energetic and fullof confidence, with a heightened sense of well being. Other effectsinclude feeling wide awake and alert, becoming talkative, restless and excited, and having difficulty sleeping.
  • Panic attacks may also be experienced. Symptoms of a panic attack may include a racing heartbeat, hyperventalation (short shallow breaths), trembling, and feelings of panic, terror or impending doom. People who experience panic attacks often feel like they are about to die or that something terrible is about to occur.
  • Reduced appetite
  • Irritability. Some users become anxious, irritable, hostile and aggressive.
  • Sometimes people feel a sense of power and superiority over others.