Effects of cannabis (cont)

Long-term effects
Research shows evidence of some long-term effects in some regular cannabis users.
  • Respiratory illness
    Marijuana cigarettes have more tar than tobacco, placing cannabis users at an increased risk of respiratory illness such as lung cancer and chronic bronchitis. Cigarette smokers who also smoke cannabis have an even greater risk of respiratory disease. Additionally the use of a water pipe (bong) can cause greater damage to the lungs as the damaging smoke is drawn more deeply into thelungs.
  • Reduced motivationglass
    Many regular users have reported that they have less energy and motivation, so that performance at work or school suffers
  • Brain function
    Concentration, memory and the ability to learn can all be reduced by regular cannabis use. These effects can last for several months after ceasing cannabis use
  • Hormones
    Cannabis can affect hormone production. Research shows that some cannabis users have a lower sex drive. Irregular menstrual cycles and lowered sperm counts have also been reported
  • Immune system
    There is some concern that cannabis smoking may impair the functioning of the immune system.