Warning signs of overheating and dehydrating

The following are important signs to watch out for:
  • feeling very hot, unwell and confused
  • not being able to talk properly
  • headache
  • not perspiring, even when dancing
  • heart rate or pulse not slowing down even when resting
  • vomiting
  • not being able to urinate, or noticing that urine is thick and dark
  • fainting, collapsing or convulsing (having fits)

If these symptoms start, then:
  • stop dancing
  • tell a friend and ask them to stay with you until you feel better
  • ask your friend to get some cold water, and sip it slowly
  • splash cold water onto your skin
  • rest in a quiet, cool area
  • fan your body
If symptoms persist and your body doesn’t cool down, go to the first aid area of the venue or get to a hospital immediately.